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Based on the letters we have been receiving lately it seems that people have an interest in having their own web pages. We have been designing pages for almost two years now and have even been happily noticing other Sportscard sites on the web using some of our ideas. We have also seen numerous sites offering their services to set up homepages for other Sportscard dealers.

I believe that we can offer a competitive price for dealers and collectors alike who want to get "on the Web". Please take a look at our deals below and feel free to write us with questions or even your own ideas.

Basic Single Page Advertisement

Here's a good way to get started on the web. Just a single page to let your customers see you and get your vital information. No worries about updating it with prices or merchandise, just an ad. If you already have a logo (in gif or jpeg format) we can incorporate it or we can design one for you to make you page unique.

Single Page Rates
Single Page Ad (Just Text) $30.00$5.00
Your Images (First one FREE) $5.00$1.00
Logo (Free if you provide) $25.00$1.00
Link (To a single outside site/page) $5.00$2.00

Monthly rates for Single Page Ads cover up to 2 informational changes per month to your page. Any additional changes will be billable by the hour. Logo creation includes one simple logo (look at our AGG logo as an example). Any custom logos will be billable by the hour. Links can go to wherever you want or to an e-mail address if you prefer.

Your Own Web Site

Coming Soon!

Here's a few examples of what we can do for you for a surprisingly low price!

T & R Sportscards

Martial Arts of Omega Jihi No Kokoro Ryu Institute

Write me and let me know what you're looking for and we'll work out the details.

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