Help Page

If you are using Netscape 2.0 or any browser that supports such advanced html commands as Tables and Forms then AGG Sportscards & Collectibles on the Web should be a breeze to use. The vertical frame that runs down the left side of your screen contains 8 pictures. These represent the 8 main sales sections at AGG. The first 5 are obvious: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey & Racing. The next picture brings you to our Magic (and other CCG) section. The seventh picture (the autographed Mickey Mantle picture) brings you to our Autograph Section. This section will combine all the sports and even some non-sports autographs. The final picture of Shi (by Crusade Comics) puts you in our growing comic book section.

At any time if you want to switch to another section just click on the correct picture and you go right there. No need to use the back button on your browser to return to an index because your index never goes away.

The bottom frame contains 7 buttons at the top which can be helpful. Button 1 is for sending mail to AGG Sportscards. Button 2 puts your main window in an order form for placing orders, making offers and asking questions. The third button puts you back on our main welcome page which contains useful information as well as our mailing address. Button 4 (the fire button) will bring you to our "Hot Player of the Month" page. There you will find out who's "hot" and get some good deals on their cards. The next button brings you to some of the best hobby & sports sites we've found on the web. The $ button will show you info on buying cards from us and the ? brings you here.

Hopefully this has answered any questions you had about our site, but if not please just click on the mailbox and ask us about anything that isn't clear.

Thanks for visiting AGG Sportscards & Collectibles on the Web!!!!