95 Tetrad Autobilia

NOTE:  All cards have been redeemed and most of the merchandise is here!!
       Shipping is included on all pieces.  The balls are in lucite cases.


Nate "Tiny" Archibald                     Signed Basketball        $80.00
Shawn Respert           #8  Portland      Signed Team Pennant       25.00
Andrew DeClerq          #34 Golden St.    Signed Team Pennant       14.00
Donald Williams                           Signed Photo               8.00


Darin Erstad            #1 Pick  Angels   Signed Baseball          $30.00
Rubin Rivera            Yankees           Signed Photo              24.00
Marty Cordova           Twins             Signed Photo              14.00
Ray Durham              White Sox         Signed Photo              12.00
Jermaine Dye            Braves            Signed Photo              10.00
Mark Hubbard            Yankees           Signed Photo              10.00
Brandon Bennett                           Signed Photo              10.00
Russ Davis              Yankees           Signed Photo              14.00
Roger Cedeno                              Signed Photo              10.00


Rashaan Salaam          Bears             Signed Pennant           $30.00
James Stewart (Tenn)    Jaguars           Signed Photo              15.00
Luther Ellis            Lions             Signed Photo              10.00
Zach Wiegert                              Signed Photo              10.00

Tom Fordham                               Signed Photo             $ 8.00
Rick Forney                               Signed Photo             $ 8.00
Roy Halladay                              Signed Photo             $ 8.00

Early returns have shown that Team Pennants are from the Pro Team (Not college).

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